Sevid is little place for a great holiday in Central Dalmatia. It is a beautiful place with the cleanest sea in Croatia. Sevid is just the right place for your intimate vacation since it is placed away from the city noise. The place was founded by an old fisherman from Rogoznica. I t was named after the church of St. Vid, around which the settlement was built. Sevid is surrounded by crystal clear seawater and many islands.

The famoussandy beach is the Old Trogir where you can see the walls (remnants) of the old Roman villa, which served the Romans as a shelter and a dock for their supplies. Unspoiled nature and kindness of people are some of the many qualities that make Sevid unique place. Away from the everyday hustle and bustle of urban areas this little Mediterranean place will offer you peace and quiet atmosphere.

Temperatures are moderate, pressure and humidity are stable, the fog almost never occurs. The average number of sunny hours per year is 2580 (as in Palermo, Italy).

Out of the chaos of mass tourism, but close to everything you could want during your vacation.

Beaches in Sevid are diverse and extend along the entire coast. Beaches vary in coverage of sand or stone.Beaches are mostly gravel, sandy, concrete and rocky. The sea depth along the beach is generally shallow and suitable for children, the elderly and people withspecial needs. The beach in the center of Sevid is strewn with pebbles which emphasizes its purity and beauty. Nature and the environment are intact so you can enjoy the greenery (pine and tamarisk).

Catering facilities (restaurant, shop, bakery) are placed close to the beach. Varieties of beaches and their closeness would fulfill the needs and desires of our guests.

Therefore, the recommend sandy beach "Stari Trogir" is ideal for families with children, who can freely play in the sand, but also for adventurers and divers. sSea depth along the coast is not great for divers, but a little further from shore the depth is satisfactory forevery diver. Experiences of divers speak about the diversity and richness of plant and animal species in the deep sea and the bays around the Sevid, especially on uninhabited islands that surround the place.

We wish you a pleasant stay!